OTC Crypto ATM Sales

Over-The-Counter Crypto or OTC Crypto sales are private transactions initiated outside on-ramp (and partly centralized) crypto exchanges. Through simple-to-use OTC trading desks, individuals and businesses can buy or sell cryptocurrency via direct transfer rather than employ a mediator like a centralized exchange (CEX).

Cryptocurrency Exchange Challenges

Cryptocurrency exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase have helped bridge centralized institutions and fiat currencies to the decentralized crypto (DeFiI) space. These and other “on-ramps” like NFT exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs have aided the mass adoption of crypto assets by enabling users to exchange fiat money for various cryptocurrencies. 

At the same time, some have introduced limits to decentralized finance. For example, centralized exchanges (CEXs) use custodial wallets and order book trades rather than liquidity pools, require long account verification setups and hold periods, and are subject to fiat regulations on all card-to-crypto transactions.

In response, crypto investors use OTC crypto sales to take advantage of the enhanced privacy, transaction speed, and increased returns in the crypto market. Direct peer-to-peer transfers provide the means to engage in anonymous, immediate, low-impact trades – the ideal way to make non-public market maneuvers.  

What are Over-the-Counter Crypto Sales?

OTC crypto sales facilitate the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency via wire transfer or debit card (purchase only), eliminating the need to sign up for an exchange account or go into a physical store.

OTC crypto desks exist to match crypto buyers to sellers in a discrete and decentralized fashion. Direct and private transactions between two individuals are preferred by many crypto investors, as it resolves liquidity, network transaction, and slippage problems related to significant public transactions. 

Peer-to-peer, OTC transfers allow crypto users to skip past transfer issues related to transaction size, hold periods, and account sign-up requirements typical to crypto exchanges. In addition, OTC desks enable one large trade with a private trading partner instead of thousands of smaller transactions executed on public ledgers. 

What are the Top Benefits of OTC Crypto Purchases?

The intimate nature of OTC trades provides several advantages. 

  • Rapid access: With high-value trades initiated on crypto exchanges, sourcing the necessary liquidity from multiple sellers or buyers takes time. In addition, there are wait times related to network speeds and account holds. OTC crypto sales enable immediate peer-to-peer transactions and quick access to funds after a confirmed transfer.  
  • Privacy: Since OTC crypto sales occur privately, price and volume data are not publicly available, lending greater anonymity to both parties. 
  • Reduced cost: Large trading value can significantly impact a crypto asset’s overall liquidity and price. Engaging in a private deal reduces slippage by mitigating additional losses due to price volatility caused by the trade. 
  • Fewer regulations: On-ramp exchanges must comply with fiat institutions, while OTC crypto sales remain fully decentralized, meaning crypto investors avoid regulations that induce friction, such as transaction size limits or account verification requirements.

Who Can Benefit from OTC Crypto Sales?

Over-the-counter crypto sales are available to any entity with a U.S. bank account*. In particular, OTC sales are best suited for individuals looking to make significant capital investments or liquidations. Due to the simplicity, lower costs, and overall convenience, high-net-worth crypto investors leverage OTC sales the most.

Still, many others who want to avoid some of the natural pitfalls of cryptocurrency exchanges often engage with OTC desks, such as angel investors.

Crypto users with large retirement accounts, extensive real estate assets, or mutual funds may also use the rapid value exchange available through OTC sales to their benefit. 

*Not available to entities living or formed in New York, Florida, Alabama, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, Vermont, Arkansas, and Washington. BTMMachines can accommodate some businesses outside of the United States on a case-by-case basis. Due to FinCEN regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges, restrictions also exist for Money Service Businesses (MSBs).

How to Buy OTC Crypto from BTMmachines.com

First-time customers go through a three-step process when transacting over the counter. For every subsequent transaction, only the last two steps apply. 

  • Step 1: New BTMMachines customers must read, fill out, and sign an intake form. The form relays personal and business information necessary to initiate the OTC crypto sale. 
  • Step 2: When ready to make an OTC crypto or USD transfer, customers email BTMMachines with their buy or sell amount and the details for the account or wallet where they would like the assets sent. Fiat payments will occur either by wire, automated clearing house (ACH) transfer, or debit. BTMMachines confirms the transaction telephonically and sends a quote. 
  • Step 3: Customers wire their USD or send their crypto once the quote is approved. On receipt of funds, BTMMachines facilitates the OTC trade to the account or wallet as outlined in the quote. Customers receive a receipt upon delivery confirmation. 

Why BTMmachines.com?

In addition to our fleet of Bitcoin ATMs in select states throughout the US and the world, we allow customers to purchase cryptocurrency from us through a personalized OTC experience.

BTMMachines provides several additional benefits for customers wanting to make large private asset exchanges:  

  • Rapid and secure transfers: BTMMachines is licensed in 38 states and can offer simple, private, and fast crypto trading via ACH, wire transfer, or debit card. We also offer an optional third-party escrow agent* as an additional service who can facilitate transactions for anything over $5M.
  • Access to 30+ cryptocurrencies: Exchange numerous tokens and coins with no transaction size limit, with easy access to popular crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, or Dogecoin. 
  • Transparent, real-time currency rates: We will provide a quote of all fees and bid spreads on asset rates before the transaction is processed. All transfer receipts list the hash number where you can confirm the coin price used at the time of purchase.
  • Low fees: Enjoy competitive rates on all OTC sales, with additional benefits for large capital transfers.
$15,000-$99,99950% Fee Discount
$100,000-$999,99957.5% Fee Discount
$1M-$9,999,99965% fee discount
$10M+70% Fee Discount
*Escrow agent pricing is quoted separately as an additional fee.

Personalized, White-Glove Service

As a US-based, fully-licensed money service business (MSB), we offer personalized assistance for each client. Experience rapid, cost-effective, and private trading with our hands-off OTC transfers. 

Tailored to Investors of Many SizesPersonalized ServiceLow Transaction Fees
Whether $10k or $100M, we do it all.Deal with a real person the entire time.We have some of the lowest fees in the industry.
We provide a reputable and experienced cryptocurrency escrow service to facilitate larger transactions for increased transparency and peace of mind.Every customer is assigned a member of our team who is available to guide them through the sales process and answer all their questions.

Customers who select a third-party escrow agent are assigned a dedicated representative to ensure smooth and transparent transacting.

We are willing to support dual escrow services on request.
In addition, if their fee is lower than ours, we will match the rate of any other fully-licensed MSB compliant with US MSB law.
COMPETITIVE PRICINGFully-Compliant Transacting
We source and screen our BTC and crypto supply from multiple providers worldwide.We are fully licensed in 38 states and are compliant with the Bank Secrecy Act and all applicable US finance laws.
We give our customers the best price available for large purchases.We can facilitate your transactions smoothly, securely, and professionally. 

OTC Crypto Sales FAQs

  • Can I still make use of your BTM Kiosks to buy crypto? 
    Yes, customers can purchase up to $50k per day at our machines.

  • What are BTMmachines.com’s trading hours?
    9 am-7 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

  • How long does it take for me to receive my crypto after the transfer? 
    As soon as the crypto hits your wallet, you have instant and unlimited access. If we send you money to liquidate your crypto, you will have access to your USD once the wire clears our bank account, based on your institution’s policies.

  • Can I transact anonymously?
    Discreetly, yes. Anonymously, No. Every OTC transaction requires a thorough evaluation in compliance with US law; no transactions are permitted to be completed anonymously with us. However, all your information is kept strictly confidential and is not sold or shared with any third party except as required by US law. Trades are always placed to get the best price, and markets cannot inflate coin prices before you purchase.

OTC Crypto Sales with BTMmachines.com

Take advantage of OTC crypto sales through BTMmachines and our OTC trading desk. As your technical partner, you can make direct, anonymous, rapid, and low-impact trades for high-volume crypto assets with less slippage.

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