A New Type of Bitcoin ATM Company

Our Bitcoin ATM Company

BTMMACHINES.COM has its roots planted deep in the traditional ATM industry.  Our experience dates back to the late 1990s when people used to pay ATM operators in order to have a machine hosted in their business.  Fast forward 30 years and there are hundreds of thousands of ATMs in the US alone.  BTMMACHINES.COM was founded with the idea of bringing several new twists to the Bitcoin ATM Industry, in order to dramatically expand its influence in society.  

From a done-for-you Bitcoin ATM ownership program to redemption codes giving away free bitcoin, BTMMACHINES.COM is making a big splash.  We have a nationwide footprint, a stellar team with decades of experience, a passion for bringing cryptocurrency to the masses, and a love for helping others make passive income to achieve their financial dreams.   

Meet our founding members:

Justin Gilmore, President

Founder of atmmachines.com.  Justin has nearly two decades of experience in the traditional ATM space and has grown his portfolio from a few dozen machines to thousands.  His company is listed on the #1 page of Google and is one of the nation’s premier ATM providers.  Aside from ATMs, he’s launched several successful companies, as well as created his own comic book series – having the “Midas touch” as they say.

Spencer Cutler, Co-Founder

Spencer finished high school early to pursue playing semi-professional soccer in England – achieving success from the start. With experience ranging from a collection agent to door-to-door salesperson, selling timeshares and now machines…his proficient and diverse sales ability kickstarted the success of Absolute ATMs. By bringing discipline and a killer work ethic to the table, Spencer was quickly recruited to the BTMmachines.com team and continues to spearhead the Bitcoin ATM sales operations.  

Dustin Warner, Co-Founder

A satellite engineer, serial entrepreneur, and former Air Force officer, Dustin’s vast experience with negotiating high-level deals and running large operations make him a great fit for the team.   

Dave Shurden, Co-Founder

A businessman with nearly three decades of success with traditional ATMs and real estate, Dave is excited to test his wisdom in the new and exciting field of cryptocurrency.  Also having the “Midas touch”, Dave knows a good opportunity when he see one and is watching this one grow every day.